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Meet Sabrina

Sabrina Walker is one of the most followed and sought out Online Marketing/Branding Experts. Her mission is simple – to make an impact in other’s lives personally, professionally and spiritually which will result in a more positive difference in the world.

Her work has been published on major networks such as ABC, CBS, Fox News, and NBC. She continues to help other entrepreneurs and business owners internationally live a life full of purpose, passion and presence.

How To Reset Your Expectations

What do you think about on a daily basis? When you wake you up where does your mind go? It’s important that you program your mind for success. If you develop positive thoughts, your life will move in a positive direction. If you continually think negative...

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How To Stay Focused On Your Goals

Have you ever set a goal and then totally forgot about it weeks later? Or maybe written a goal down but never looked at it again? Well, I have too. What I’ve learned is that if we continually keep in front of us, we will accomplish it. If you focus on a certain...

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How To Get Fresh New Dreams

Do you sit around feeling sorry for yourself? Do you constantly complain about how unfair life is? If so, ask yourself a couple questions – Do I really want to get well? Have I gotten comfortable with where I am in life? Here’s the solution – Stop...

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