If you’re interested in living in the ‘Now’ than this post is for you. Being able to recognize that you are truly living in the present and not in the future or past is not so easy to comprehend.

At times when you’re going about your day, do you find yourself thinking about things that have happened in the past? Do you have flashbacks of certain moments where why have made you feel ‘not so great’?

Well this is a prime example of you living in the past. This is an example of you not being in the present moment. Now am I saying dont think about past events… NO! What I am saying is that if the events you choose to playback in your mind are not empowering than YOU DONT need to be thinking of them. Its the past for a reason.

Same goes for the future! Are you a worry wart always wanting to know whats going to happen? What if.., what if… what if? Who cares! It hasnt happened it so stop asking yourself questions that you dont know the answers to. You cant predict the future. If you can… call me! I have a few questions for you that you could answer for me. 😉

So today go out, enjoy life’s moments and live for the present. This is truly a present and you will never see or experience this moment again.

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Until tomorrow my friend… from my heart to yours,