If you’re looking to avoid negative things happening in your life than stick with me for a minute. You think about things all day long and end up talking about them with your family and friends.

So let me ask you this… of these things that you’re speaking of are they positive or negative? Are you speaking negative things into existence? Are negative words coming out of your mouth that could make your life worse? If so, than you need to stop right now.

I know you’ve heard of the saying “Thoughts become things” and that is true but for them to come into reality you truly have to speak it outloud…. out into existence.

If you’re wondering how to avoid negative things coming into your life than stop speaking things from your mouth that you do not want to happen. Yes! Its really that simple. You may have just a thought but get rid of it and dont speak it outloud.

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From my heart to yours,
Sabrina Walker