Do you sit around feeling sorry for yourself? Do you constantly complain about how unfair life is? If so, ask yourself a couple questions –

Do I really want to get well? Have I gotten comfortable with where I am in life?

Here’s the solution – Stop letting your setbacks become your identity. You have to get over that. Stop talking about it and speaking it into existence. Quit revisiting that wound again and again. You may have been severely wounded by a bad decision you made, a divorce, or a job you lost but it’s time to let it go. It’s in the past for a reason so be intentional about leaving it there. Stop thinking and talking about something you can’t change. You must let go of your shattered dreams if you want God to give you fresh, new dreams.

Forgive the people who have hurt you by doing this you are freeing yourself. Release any remaining bitterness and then God will give you a new beginning.

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From my heart to yours,