Have you ever heard someone talking about the importance of documenting your journey? And then wondered why?

In this video I’m going to share with you 3 reasons why you should document your journey.

Let me first say one thing. YOU HAVE A STORY and that story is very valuable and is just as important as anyone else’s. You are a miracle of life and God has put you here to make a difference!

As I share the 3 points I want you to think about your life up until this point and ask yourself – what if I documented each challenge I’ve had to overcome. How many people could I have helped along the way versus just keeping that wisdom to myself?

Stay with that thought as I share with you the 3 reasons why you should start documenting your journey now!


As humans we don’t relate based on our 9-5 jobs, societies norms or in environments that surpress our creativity. We never want to feel alone. So we move towards each other which helps us feel our version of “normal” which most times is the opposite of the general public. Whats the result of that? 100% collaboration! We will support each other, share our resources, promote each others business and introduce one another to our networks.

We take the focus off the end result and continue the journey of life together helping one another grow.

You will never know how to successfully accomplish something unless you go through the experience of doing it and then see the finer details of the process. You will never learn without going through it. It’s called Trial and Error. It’s something you have to embrace and not fear. You don’t know what you don’t know. Try something new today and see what new things you can learn.

When people see success, they usually see the end product. They never see all the missed shots, end-less nights, 60 hour work weeks that had to be put in to make that happen, the sacrifices they had to make with time away from loved ones. Because of all those things, you now see a successful moment or successful person on the outside. The journey was long and tough and is what had to be done in order to be great.

Document your journey. You have wisdom, stories and massive amounts of inspiration right inside of you. Set it free and serve others with it.

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From my heart to yours,
Sabrina Walker