Have you ever tried to help someone and they were totally checked out and not trying to hear what you were saying?

Well thats because you didn’t developed a relationship with them first. leaders often make the common mistake of trying to lead others before developing relationships with them. As you prepare to develop other people, take time to get to know each other. A cool ACRONM that I learned while back to connect with people if FORD, F O R D. It stands for Family, Occupation, Recreation and dreams. As soon as you start asking questions are them in these areas they will begin to open up and share their lives with you.

You will quickly find out all about them, their story, their journey and where they are going in life. Knowing what someones dreams are and asking about them will allow you to connect on a new level. People love to talk about themselves. So try it out today. If you meet someone new. Ask them about their family, occupation, recreation and dreams. Just listen and see what happens.

From my heart to yours,
Sabrina Walker