Are You Comfortable With Who You Are Becoming?

This may stop you dead in your tracks if you are not open to change. You may or may not welcome change in your life but if you are looking to grow than its one thing you truly need to embrace and welcome into your life. Its a great feeling knowing that change is...

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How To Operate In The Present

If you’re interested in living in the ‘Now’ than this post is for you. Being able to recognize that you are truly living in the present and not in the future or past is not so easy to comprehend. At times when you’re going about your day, do...

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How To Operate In Flow Motion Not Slow Motion

If you are operating in flow motion, than I congratulate you. You are one of the chosen few who decide to live life to its fullest. While many others in this world choose to sit back and see what comes to them. What a HUGE mistake!! I’m sure you’ve heard...

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