Understanding how your mind works is one of the best things you can do, it is understanding yourself and getting to the root of everything. Our mind does not really come with an owners manual, yet normally a person is taught very little about it. How strange that we should be taught so little about the most powerful thing in our life, our greatest asset, unless we seek it ourselves!

I’ve been practicing affirmations for many years but started to practice Afformations the past year or so. They have been working for me in so many ways. I read about these Afformations from Noah St. John and I know you’re going to love them too!

Here’s Why You Should Ask Yourself Rather Than Tell Yourself. Its 100 time more powerful!

For example… If you state “As I Let Go, New Doors Will Open For Me In the Universe“, you need to believe that new doors will open for you as you let things go.

It will be much more powerful if you use it in a question form. Ask yourself “How Can I let Go so New Doors Will Open For Me In the Universe?“. This in-turn will get your brain going and start acting like Google. Your brain will start providing ways for you to answer the “How”. Do you see the difference?

Your mind is the most powerful asset you’ll ever have. Start asking yourself the right questions to enable your mind to come up with the right answers. This can only empower you to live better and help others do the same.

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From my heart to yours,